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Stadt Brackenheim

Wine in Brackenheim

Brackenheim with its villages Botenheim, Dürrenzimmern, Haberschlacht, Hausen an der Zaber, Meimsheim, Neipperg and Stockheim is the largest viticultural town in Württemberg and largest town for red wine in Germany. The vine variety covers an acreage of 825 hectares. Wine has been grown for 1,200 years. On situations on slopes, terraces and steep vineyard sites racy, full-bodied white wines like “Riesling”, “Muskateller”, “Rivaner” and “Kerner” and full and round red wines like “Lemberger”, “Trollinger” and “Spätburgunder” thrive and prosper. Especially the well-conditioned ground and the climate are fine for “Lemberger” which is suitably called “King of Red Wines”. Three cooperatives and 34 producers who sell directly to the public mature the high quality grapes (by) using most advanced wine technology which is based on the experiences and traditions of several generations. Enjoy a walking-tour along the vineyards – we especially recommend the “Natur- und Weinlehrpfad im Zweifelberg”, a nature trail and wine tutorial path which leads through one of the most charming scenic landscapes of the Zabergäu and also informs you about history of viticulture, current and historical wines and about flora and fauna of this vineyard-region. In the “WeinInfothek” which is run by the three cooperatives, visitors can get a picture of the variety of the wines of Brackenheim. On Sundays from 11 a. m. to 6 p. m. you are invited to taste the wines free of charge.

Food and drink in Brackenheim at a glance:

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