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Stadt Brackenheim

Ideal for hiking, cycling and relaxing

The Zabergäu – this is a scenic landscape between the Stromberg in the South and the Heuchelberg in the North which is affected by viticulture. Zabergäu is named for the little river Zaber which rises near Zaberfeld and flows into river Neckar in Lauffen. Also the Zabergäu is the Eastern by part of the natural park of Stromberg-Heuchelberg. These hill ranges border the Zabergäu veely. That is the reason why the westerly Zabergäu is quite narrow and has steep flanks. The valley broadens towards East towards the river Neckar. Geological the “Oberes Zabergäu” is situated in the area of “Schilfsandstein”, “Keuper” in the East and lacustrine limestone in the South-East of Meimsheim. Because of the many tributary brooks which flow into the Zaber the westerly foothills of Stromberg and Heuchelberg have lots of small and quite steep valleys. The erosion is really amazing according to the size of the current brooks. But in the East of the Zabergäu there is a softer landscape. The Zabergäu offers a lovely and scenic landscape and is ideal for hiking, cycling and relaxing.