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Stadt Brackenheim

Destinations for the whole family

In the area of Brackenheim there are lots of destinations which are ideal for 1-day-trips with the whole family:

“Waldschenke Hörnle” (forest-inn) in Dürrenzimmern
Höschi GbR
Gewann Hörnle
74336 Brackenheim-Dürrenzimmern
Telefonnummer: 07135 12515
Faxnummer: 07135 12525

Room for 100 persons and a beer garden
No day of rest

April to October daily from 11:30 a. m. till late
November to March on Saturdays and Sundays (good weather) or by arrangement

Mecki Club Heuchelberger Warte
Telefonnummer: 07131 401849

Beer garden and entertained dining, kids-program, on Sundays from 01:00 p. m. till 05:00 p. m., for children aged 4 and older

Rambling on the Neckar
Personenschifffahrt Stumpf OHG
74072 Heilbronn
Telefonnummer: 07131 85430

Ships travel up and down the Neckar. The nearest landing stage is in Lauffen.

Theme park Tripsdrill
74389 Cleebronn/Tripsdrill
Telefonnummer: 07135 9999

A theme park full of traditions with “Altweibermühle”, about 100 attractions, unique museums and zoological parks.

74193 Schwaigern
Telefonnummer: 07135 5225

Biggest group of chimps in Germany, animal-house, aviaries, pet’s area, adventure playground, coffee shop. Open year-round.

Monastery in Maulbronn
75433 Maulbronn
Telefonnummer: 07043 926610

This 850-year-old Cistercian Abbey is the most complete medieval monastery to the North of the Alps. Since 1993 it has been World Heritage Side of the UNESCO.

Deutsches Zweirad Museum (German two-wheeler museum) in Neckarsulm
74172 Neckarsulm
Telefonnummer: 07132 35271

App. 400 exhibits of bicycles and motorbikes.

Auto & Technik Museum (Car and technique museum) in Sinsheim
74889 Sinsheim
Telefonnummer: 07261 92990

Thousands of exhibits of history of technique, IMAX 3D-cinema, outer area with walkable planes and leisure parks.

Salt mine in Bad Friedrichshall
Salzwerke Bad Friedrichshall
74021 Heilbronn
Telefonnummer: 07135 271303

1.5 km round tour, xtal-hall, cupola, 42 m long slide with a difference in height of 11 metres, life-size reproductions of dinosaurs.

Zoo “Wilhelma” in Stuttgart
Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt
Telefonnummer: 0711 5402-0

zoological-botanical garden, historical park with app. 10.000 animals, 5.000 plants, old and modern architecture.