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Stadt Brackenheim

Worth mentioning

Brackenheim has a 5/6,000 year old history of settlement. Brackenheim was first diplomatically mentioned in 1246. At that time Ulrich (a plebanus/a perish priest) testified to a document of Erkinger of Magenheim. But the name `Brackenheim´ was already mentioned in the 12th century when in the `Hirsauer Kodex´ a `Zeisolf of Brackenheim´ willed the convents in Meimsheim and Botenheim some goods. In 1280 King Rudolf of Habsburg elevated Brackenheim to a town with the same rights and the freedom like the imperial town Esslingen. After the foundation of the Kingdom of Württemberg in 1806 Brackenheim became one of the 65 `Oberamtsstädte´ which were divided in four districts according to French standards. Because of its function as `Oberamtsstadt´, its location and the seat of many regional authorities and institutions, Brackenheim has had a key role in the `Zabergäu´ until the `Oberamt´ was suspended in 1938. Since then Brackenheim has belonged to the district of Heilbronn.