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Stadt Brackenheim

Brackenheim today

Brackenheim was planned in detail. Some pieces of the old city wall remain. An old fort was replaced by the present castle which was built by builder Martin Berwart under the rule of Duke Christoph from 1556 to 1559. Today you find it in the South of the old part of Brackenheim. After a fire in the Western and Northern wings it became a home for widows in Württemberg and also the home of the reeve and the seat of the `Oberamt´. The history of the present church probably began app. 1300. The older `Jakobuskapelle´ was elevated to the main church of Brackenheim after the reformation. On the top of the nave there is a high gothicly painted vault. A 14th century crucifix, a late gothic holy epitaph, two big reliefs and an early gothic pulpit are well worth seeing.

The initial market square was once overbuilt. In 1691 112 buildings were burnt down and so a re-construction was necessary. One of the first re-built buildings in the market square was the pharmacy in Marktstraße 15 which was constructed from two houses in 1696. The old town hall of 1424 which was destroyed by the fire stood on the same place as the present one. Johann Adam Groß d. J. created the town hall which you can still see today. It was built 1774 till 1776 in rococo-style. The Protestant Johanniskirche in the graveyard is a late romanic basilica with a high gothic choir loft. There are some 13th and 14th century paintings in it. Originally it was the church of Brackenheim. The Theodor Heuss Museum is housed in the New Gate Lodge (built in 1828) at the Southern end of Obertorstraße. In 1968 a memorial to Theodor Heuss was established there. It was redesigned and reopened on 5 August 2000.