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Stadt Brackenheim

Business location - Brackenheim and the Zabergäu

Brackenheim provides a good economic structure and infrastructure with a diversified  labour market and a high-quality way of life for its inhabitants. Brackenheim with its villages Botenheim, Dürrenzimmern, Haberschlacht, Hausen an der Zaber, Meimsheim, Neipperg und Stockheim is the fifth largest community in the district of Heilbronn and it is the central point of the Zabergäu which has 37,000 inhabitants altogether. Brackenheim itself has over 15,000 inhabitants. Viticulture is characteristic for Brackenheim. The vine variety covers an acreage of 825 hectares and so Brackenheim is the largest viticultural town of Württemberg, the largest red wine-growing town in Germany and the largest Lemberger-growing town of the world. Many visitors come to Brackenheim which is famous for the first president of the Federal Republic of Germany Theodor Heuss who was born on 31st January 1884 in Brackenheim.

Location advantages

Just industrial real estates are not enough for the industrial settlement and promotion. Brackenheim also has the right soft facts which are necessary for a high quality of life and work. In detail:

  • scenic and cheap building lots
  • central location in Baden-Württemberg which is an economically strong region
  • competent contact persons and an active business development
  • a nearly complete infrastructure, a good transport connection, an efficient public transport and all needed facilities
  • in the Zabergäu there are all kind of schools (Gymnasium, Hauptschule with Werkrealschule and Förderschule (special school) in Brackenheim, Realschule (Middle school) in Güglingen, primary schools and kindergardens in nearly each village
  • friendly climate for families and children
  • hospital of the SLK-GmbH-group with an emergency medical service, a geriatric rehab clinic, nursing home, looked-after-housing-estate and an above-average medical network
  • colleges (in Heilbronn, Ludwigsburg, Stuttgart) and universities (in Stuttgart, Mannheim und Karlsruhe) nearby
  • good shopping facilitiescultural offerings in Brackenheim and short distances to
  • cultural centres like Heilbronn, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Mannheim
  • fastest growing region in Baden-Württemberg

Economic data

Following, you find some economic data of Brackenheim. Detailed data can be found on the homepage of the Statistisches Landesamt.

Taxes and fees

  • local rates / real estate tax A: 390 out of 100 (collection rate)
  • local rates / real estate tax B: 390 out of 100 (collection rate)
  • business tax: 350 out of 100 (collection rate)
  • water fee: 1,53 €/m³
  • effluent / wastewater: 1,97 €/m³


Brackenheim is situated in the Southern district of Heilbronn and borders on the district of Ludwigsburg and on the Stuttgart region.

Motorway connection

Easily reachable via L1103 Brackenheim-Güglingen, access to B27, leading to motorway connection Ilsfeld or Mundelsheim (A81) Stuttgart-Heilbronn-Würzburg and Untereisesheim at Heilbronn or Sinsheim-Steinsfurt (A6) Mannheim-Nürnberg. Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Mannheim can be reached within less than one hour.

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Bus route
Good bus connections between the communities are available.

Railroad connection
The nearest stations which are provided by the main lines Stuttgart-Heilbronn-Heidelberg and Würzburg are in Lauffen and Kirchheim.

Schwaigern, Stetten and Gemmingen are served by city-railway S4 and S41 Heilbronn-Karlsruhe.

The Neckar-waterway can be reached via the jetty in Lauffen and via the harbour in Heilbronn.