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Brackenheim and its villages


Brackenheim and its villages

"Eight parts - one whole": Brackenheim itself and its seven villages make up one municipality. Each part of this community has its own character and lovely places which are worth visiting.

  • Brackenheim
  • Botenheim
  • Dürrenzimmern
  • Haberschlacht
  • Hausen 
  • Meimsheim
  • Neipperg
  • Stockheim

Infrastructure and dates

Brackenheim has a well developed infrastructure with

  • kindergardens
  • different types of school
  • many public utilities
  • good shopping facilities
  • jobs at local trade and business which will rise with the development of new residential areas and local industrial parks.

The development of new housing areas and the jobs in local trade and business have rendered Brackenheim and its surrounding areas into a popular home. Also there are many doctors in Brackenheim – different general practioners and medical specialists -, a hospital and a geriatric rehab hospital. Within the last ten years there has been a population growth up to 2,900 citizens to report.

How to get to Brackenheim

Brackenheim is situated in the Southern district Heilbronn, in the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg and borders on the district Ludwigsburg. You reach Brackenheim easily via A 6, A 81 or B 293 and B 27. Your journey route can be planned online.

The nearest airports are Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Munich. Please check their websites for detailed information like arrival and departure times.

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How to get to Brackenheim

Twin towns

  • Charnay-lès-Mâcon
  • Castagnole delle Lanze
  • Zbroslawice
  • Tarnalelesz
  • Marsan